Why Garcinia Cambogia Extract is Popular for Weight Loss

garcinialogoGarcinia cambogia extract has recently become highly popular in the world of weight loss. Due to Dr. Oz -a popular medical practitioner and TV personality, garcinia cambogia supplements have been flying off the shelves. According to Dr. Oz, it is the holy grail of weight loss because it helps you lose weight safely, even without the help of diet and exercise.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit found in Indonesia, India, and in many parts of South east Asia. The extract from its rind has long been used by people in these regions as an additive to their foods. It is said to cause a feeling of fullness, thus, natives add it to their soups as a precursor to their meals. In the last few years, the Western world had made clinical studies on its effect on weight loss, thus creating the garcinia cambogia extract supplements. The rind of the fruit has the active ingredient called HCA, which stands for hydroxycitric acid – which is the very ingredient that causes weight loss.


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How Does It Work?

HCA is a said to be a dual-action fat buster. First, it helps suppress your appetite, eliminating your need to eat more. And second, it helps your body block fat from forming.

HCA suppresses your appetite by making you feel full longer, so you won't feel hungry very often. Because you won't have any food cravings, you'll eat less, which means you won't be gaining any more weight than you should. It also increases the level of serotonin in your brain, making you feel and sleep better. This increase helps prevent emotional eaters from eating more than they should. The better you feel, the less need for you to eat more.

HCA helps your body block fat from forming by inhibiting the enzyme citrate lyase from turning your carbohydrates into fat. Instead, the carbs that you take will be turned into energy, preventing the fat from forming in your body.


What are its other Benefits?

Aside from helping you lose weight, garcinia cambogia extract will also decrease your belly fat. HCA zeroes in on the fat in your belly – which is the most problematic part of the body to tone. It also give you more energy by turning your carbs into energy instead of fat, also helping you feel less stressed. And since HCA does not contain caffeine nor is it a stimulant, it has no effect on your blood pressure whatsoever. It is an all-natural and safe weight loss supplement that can be used by anyone. However, if you're pregnant, breastfeeding or taking prescribed medication, it is best to consult your doctor first.

What to Consider

If you've decided to try garcinia cambogia extract, there are some things that you need to consider. Here are the things you need to look for:

-Make sure the label on the bottle says Garcinia Cambogia Extract or HCA.
-Make sure it has at least 60% pure HCA.
-The daily recommended dosage is 1500 mg – which means you have to take it 3 times a day for 500 mg capsules, or 2 times a day for 750 mg capsules.
-Make sure it has NO binders, NO fillers, and NO artificial ingredients.

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When you take garcinia cambogia extract, expect to lose an average of 10 pounds per month without diet and exercise. Its effects have been clinically studied, showing that it is indeed effective. If you've been trying to lose weight to no avail, garcinia cambogia extract is an all-natural and safe weight loss supplement that helps you lose weight fast and effectively.


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